TypeScript and Angular 2.0

Presented by Jonathan Turner at 2015 ng-conf in Salt Lake City, Utah. @jntrnr TypeScript in a Nutshell Superset of JavaScript Optional type system Features from the future TypeScript + ng2.0 Angular 2 now built with TypeScript TypeScript brings helpful error checking and tools Using TypeScrip is completely optional Today Snapshot of Angular2 building in TypeScript TodoMVC app […]

State of Angular 1

Presented by Lucas Mirelmann and Pawel Kozlowski at the 2015 ng-conf in Salt Lake City, Utah. @pkozlowski_os and @lgalfaso Slides located at: goo.gl/G5Kwkw Releases 1.3 14 weekly patch releases 400+ commits in total 90+ bugs fixed few small features 1.4 1.4.0-RC.0 next week after 6 beta releases 35+ new features 140+ bugs fixed performance improvements New in 1.4 The […]

2015 ng-conf Keynote

Brad Green and Igor Minar, Google Core Team Slides located here: http://goo.gl/bae2af Principles – Good caretakers of the Angular codebase and the Angular community. Why is Angular here? Built for Google Evolving Angular Project models Closed Source Open Source Export Open Source w/ community involvement (this is where Angular fits) ng-team Continued to grow exponentially in 2015 […]

2015 ng-conf, Salt Lake City, Utah

The 2nd annual ng-conf was recently held in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a great couple of days of learning and networking. Many thanks to all of the organizers and to all the sponsors who made it possible. I have published a series of posts documenting my notes from the sessions. If they are helpful, or you enjoy […]

Functional Testing with Protractor

Presented by Ben Clinkinbeard at the 2015 ng-conf in Salt Lake City, Utah. @bclinkinbeard Live coding files at bit.ly/ng-ptor Slides located at bit.ly/ng-ptor-slides How It Works Your tests call Protractor APIs Protractor extends/calls selenium-webdriver (running in Node) selenium-webdriver calls a (local or remote) Selenium server Selenium server calls a browser driver Browser driver uses your app as […]

Advanced angular-animate

Presented by Lukas Ruebbelke at the 2015 ng-conf in Salt Lake City, Utah. @simpulton angular-animate is just the candy shell on your chocolaty CSS/JS animations. ng-fx Events & Convention Events enter leave move addClass removeClass Convention [class][event][state] .repeat-item.ng-leave.ng-leave-active /* you can also define the trasition style on the base class as well (.repeat-item) */ .repeat-item.ng-enter, .repeat-item.ng-leave { […]

Angular Forms with angular-formly

Presented by Kent C. Dodds at the 2015 ng-conf in Salt Lake City, Utah. @kentcdodds JavaScript powered formly Forms in HTML can get messy, even with directives. Formly abstracts this away to make it more maintainable. One dependency needed: api-check ng-form allows you to nest forms. To add to your index.html: <script src=”node_modules/angular-formly/dist/formly.js”></script> <script src=”node_modules/angular-formly-templates-bootstrap/dist/angular-formly-templates-bootstrap.js”></script> Add to […]


Presented by Kitt Hodsden at the 2014 JavaScript Summit. slides @kitt Guiding principles of Automation: Embrace the Do not repeat yourself (DRY) principle Make changes easy Make finding mistakes easy DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! implement a design or prototype Update the prototype make sure it works in all browsers do it faster How often do […]

Don’t forget to cover your client side!

Presented by Jonathan Creamer at the 2014 JavaScript Summit. @jcreamer898 slides Legacy code is code without tests. -Michael Feathers, Working Effectively with Legacy Code What is a “unit test” unit – An individual thing or person regarded as a single and complete but which can also form an individual component of a larger or more complex whole. […]

Undo a git commit –amend

I recently executed a git commit –amend by accident, committing my changes to a commit that was behind my co-worker’s commit. This commit should have been separate, allowing me to pull the latest from the remote repository and rebase, before pushing and merging my changes. This caused several merge issues that were unnecessary. Luckily, there […]